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You have a kind heart and you've achieved much in life yet you feel plagued by on-off cycles of nutrition sabotage.

It's time for liberation. You can you feel it in your bones.

On the surface, AWAKE is...

Your 6 month 1:1 online intensive mentorship program with Alida, built especially for you. You'll learn how to be confident in what, when and how to eat for wellness without counting points or memorizing rules.


But what AWAKE is really about is...

Reclaiming sovereignty over your mental energy so you can end the impulse that you need to be hyper vigilant with your eating. Instead, learn the practical strategies and habits that nourish you while keeping your body and mind happy at the same time. LESS worrying about food & body and MORE embracing life.

AWAKE is for you if:

  • You've felt in control of your eating in the past but wonder why you can't seem to 'stay on the wagon'. Or perhaps you've spent countless hours planning for real change but alas, it's never come into fruition.


  • You've noticed you have to brace yourself when you think about counting points or macros again. Yet, you genuinely care about eating well.


  • You've wondered if food rules or 'watching what you eat' are really the solutions to your goals. At the same time, not having this structure feels too wild and chaotic.

  • You dream of a life without food, eating and body worry.

You are not alone. I was right there with you for two decades. Since I uncovered how to help myself, I've found so much meaning helping other big-hearted humans just like you find their way to food freedom using powerful Intuitive Eating strategies.


  • Meet over secure video call according to your Program Schedule

  • Sessions 50 minutes each

  • Full email support throughout program


We get started as soon as you say "yes" to AWAKE. I'll lead you through a comprehensive assessment including relevant medical history. Together we'll establish your strengths to leverage and uncover the real blocks holding you back from being confident in your eating.

AWAKE isn't a typical nutrition program where I assess your food and recommend changes to make over time. It's about putting you in the driver's seat while you learn how to navigate your inner nutrition expert. My job is to hold space for you to safely explore what really connects for you. It also includes having some fun while you do it!


You'll learn what foods and rhythms of eating feel best for you so you can eat for satisfaction and well-being. Throughout the program I customize your experiential learning (body cues) and unlearning (factors that block your body cues) which is key to building faith and confidence in your eating. This experiential learning is a crucial foundation to create the habits that align with being truly nourished - not too much, not too little - just right. Your new way of eating will be as intended and begin energizing your meaningful existence. 


NOTE: I only take on a small handful of clients at a time so you have ALL the attention and support you need. 


  • Week 1: Session 1 - Nutrition Assessment Part 1 of 2

  • Week 2: Session 2 - Nutrition Assessment Part 2 of 2

  • Week 3: Integration Week (No Call)

  • Week 4: Session 3

  • Week 5: Integration Week (No Call)

  • Week 6: Session 4

  • Week 7: Session 5

  • Week 8: Session 6

  • Week 9: Integration Week (No Call)

  • Week 10: Session 7

  • Week 11: Session 8

  • Week 12: Session 9

  • Week 13:Integration Week (No Call)

  • Week 14: Session 10

  • Week 15: Session 11

  • Week 16: Session 12

  • Week 17-24: One Final Session - Wrap Up & Celebration

**BONUS: book up to 3 extra "floating" sessions between weeks 5 and 16 to help you through a tough spot like working through a craving or intense urge for eating in real time**

If you think this may be exactly what you're looking for, let's dig in with a complimentary Nutrition Clarity Call. We'll get super clear on your dream vision for your nutrition wellness and what will be different when you make that dream come true. We'll check in where you are now in your journey and how to bridge the gap. If you don't want to spend 5, 10, or even 20 more years worrying about how to get this eating thing 'right', I'm here for you. Just tap the button below and let me know you'd like your one-to-one complimentary chat with me, Alida.

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