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Cracking your Food Cravings PART 3

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Photo of lights shimmering in glass bottle on the beach. Photo by Yeshi Kangrang
Photo of lights shimmering in glass bottle on the beach. Photo by Yeshi Kangrang

I’m so glad you’re here today because I’m going to share how I cracked my own recent food craving. I hope sharing my story gives you a little inspiration and courage to try this for yourself as you shift away from distress around food and towards nourishing yourself with confidence and clarity. This is a 3-part blog series. Go back to read PART 1 HERE and PART 2 HERE.

Rewind back to the end of summer, to a time when I was really, really enjoying all foods soft and comforting. Cue the fresh bread, roasted potatoes, bananas and milky chocolate… It took me a while to even notice this pattern of food cravings. When I look back even further, it started even before that, with me not being able to get enough… jujubes! Funny thing, I’d never really enjoyed them since I was a kid! Normally, I’d be irritated by those sticky little pieces that find hiding spots between your teeth, a real pet peeve of mine. Yet somehow, their softness coupled with lingering sweetness kept me yearning for more and more. I hadn’t realized that the jujubes would become part of the metaphor that was trying to clue me into my internal world, my subconscious.

I had a more insightful moment when really great friends of ours prepared a delicious Greek inspired meal including super soft roasted potatoes that were perfectly golden along with some amazingly plush and chewy naan bread. Oh yeah, I can’t forget the chocolate hits over a number of days, they were also a true delight!

Hmmm… now it was loud enough for me to take notice. So I leaned in… Soft, sweet, smooth, creamy, chewy… After some reflection on the possibility of meaning beyond simple pleasure and physical hunger, I acknowledged an unusually high degree of uncertainty and emotional discomfort in my life as of late. I really can’t complain because I have so much to appreciate in my life but I noticed I was less centred than usual, a little shaky on my feet and a gnawing feeling in my stomach. When I let myself be OK with my discomfort and stay with it for a while, I recognized it was my own inner voice that was wreaking this havoc. It was subliminally whispering hypercritical thoughts; telling me I’m not worthy, I’m not enough, I’m lazy, and even quite inadequate. But it was quite tricky because it wasn’t so much in my thoughts, it was more of a menacing vibration. It was difficult to even take note, yet the impact was real. I wasn’t doing my usual training videos for all of you over on Facebook at that time, I was frozen with fear.

>> Enter food nudges. I do believe it was my inner nurturer and expansive self that was offering support through soft and nurturing foods. The threatening shift to my unkind and unhelpful inner voice had precipitated a self-preservation mode, offering some solace through the language of food.

Eureka! The cravings I had for these soothing foods helped me notice that my inner critic had insidiously hijacked my actions. I had become frozen with doubt when it came to putting myself out there on video for all of you. With my new awareness, I’ve been calling on my kinder, more helpful and compassionate inner voice to support me as I continue to lean into my deeper purpose and do the work that calls to me… Even when my inner critic tries to reign me in and keep me small and “safe”. My inner critic, better known as Fear, will no doubt stay with me but with my new clarity and presence, I can find additional ways to soothe it and have perspective on what helps the most. Fear doesn’t need to disappear for me to move forward, I just need to honour its presence and carry on. When I do this, when I accept what is here, food cravings and all, it allows me to be less reactive and more creative.

My hope is that sharing my experience may inspire curiosity so you may continue exploring your own path to finding peace with food… And… it’s not completely altruistic, you being my witness has supported me to not avert my gaze from my inner world. For me to do this work, I have to keep practicing loving presence for myself so I can support you to do the same. I can’t do one without the other. That is the beauty of community. So please tell me, is there something more I can do to help you take the next step on your path to eating with confidence? Just hit me up in the comments or send me a message.

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Even if you forget everything else I’ve written, please remember this:

YOU have always been and will forever be WORTHY. You are a GIFT to this world.

Big love,


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