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Cracking your Food Cravings PART 1

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Delicious Ice Cream Sandwich photo by Mae Mu via @Unsplash
Delicious Ice Cream Sandwich photo by Mae Mu via @Unsplash

When you get a food craving that just won't quit, what do you do? I know I've been there, it's been quite a familiar space to me... If this feels like you too, I think you may like this mini blog series.

This is my invitation for you to consider that your "problem" eating may be something entirely opposite, and not a problem at all. Take a breath, close your eyes and imagine food cravings as valuable and insightful code, not saboteurs... Did I see an eye roll? Well it's my hope that sharing one of my recent experiences might allow you to consider this as a possibility.

In the last few weeks leading up to Autumn, I had food cravings that were playing me like a broken record. I wanted to eat all things soft, sweet, plushy, gummy, smooth and creamy, all beyond physical hunger. And I ate them! In the past, I used to feel very uncomfortable after "giving in" but I would try to placate myself because… I heard self-love and acceptance could be useful in stopping the cycle. Onwards and upwards, right? You may be thinking "good for you" <<insert your skeptical eyes here>>. Yet when I was really honest with myself, I knew I secretly wished for the power and discipline to renounce my food cravings and not ever feel overpowered by them. Perhaps you noticed my intention for acceptance had an air of duplicity? It had the right spirit but was missing the true essence of acceptance because I was still hoping to control the outcome. It was however, a little kinder than beating myself up for "giving in". One step closer to surrendering to the process. Fast forward deep into my own personal journey of Intuitive Eating and understanding my own symbolic hunger. My initial reaction to a food craving is still resistance but now I'm able to shift pretty quickly into feelings of curiosity in it's place. I now know food cravings can act as metaphorical windows into an unmet need. ~ They are invitations for internal inquiry. ~ Rather than wishing them away, you can learn to step closer and approach your food cravings with kindness. They don't show up to ruin your plans, they're simply trying to get your attention to express an unmet need. Perhaps it’s not a chess match between discipline and sabotage after all. When you stop seeing it as a fight to be fought, you may be able to crack the code to your hidden need that's simply asking to be heard. Once you know your true need, you are already more than half way to satisfying said need. I would love to know… Has this sparked your curiosity enough to consider how your food cravings may indeed be clever code, ready to be uncovered?

If you're interested in knowing how to change your relationship with food cravings and how I personally handled my recent experience, you can catch for PART 2 & PART 3 of this mini blog series. I get super personal.

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You’ve got this. You always have.

Wishing you all great blessings,

Alida <3

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