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  • Alida Finnie MSc, RD

Invite bliss in today.

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Heart in sand overlooking sunset representing your desire. Photo by Cason Asher
Heart in sand overlooking sunset representing your desire. Photo by Cason Asher

I’m curious… What do you want more of? What is your deepest desire right now? What would make your heart sing? Take a moment to roll around in your biggest dream right now.

Can you hold yourself in this space right now? Sometimes it’s hard to keep up that energy and those good vibes for very long but just notice how you can access them right now without changing anything. Perhaps you’re struggling to even let yourself feel the bliss of your dream? Have you given yourself permission to feel into it, feel into the expansiveness or is something blocking you? I would love to know more about your experience when you think about your dreams.

If you struggle to let yourself feel good, does it help if you imagine having a magic wand that can grant you what you deeply desire right now without worrying about how you’re going to get there? What helps you feel alive and in alignment with your dream, even if only in your imagination and not yet in reality? What’s holding you back from feeling good right now?

If you’re here reading this, my guess is you may be working on challenges with food and your body. Maybe you’ve set up conditions for yourself before you can feel good? Maybe you won’t let yourself feel good until you change your body or you think if you let yourself feel good, all your hard work will crumble? Or maybe you’ve slowly started noticing that over time, your pursuit of weight loss or the amount of effort you put it to maintaining your weight is so exhausting that it’s inhibiting you to even consider accessing your dream vision right now?

I’ve had the fortune of accessing high vibration feelings from that dreamy place, feelings of expansion and enchantment even. And when I think of what I want more of in life, I’ve had my own challenges holding onto these good feelings. Something funny usually happens and what I used to think of as reality usually pulls me back down. Who am I to want more? If I want more, does that mean I’m ungrateful for what I do have? Am I selfish? Will I be judged? Is my dream impossible or is it just impossible for me? Maybe I shouldn’t even want it for worry that if I do make my dreams come true, that means I must’ve taken it away from someone else? Maybe you can relate? These thoughts aren’t wrong but they are just thoughts.

I’m not a psychotherapist and the work I do with my clients is not psychotherapeutic in nature or a replacement for qualified mental health care. But I’ve learned the best way to manage these thoughts is not to shun them but actually embrace them. When I give them space and bring them into the light, I can test their truth. Yes fear, doubt, worry, they are all real feelings. Yet, even if they’re grounded in truth, I remind myself it’s not even about achieving the dream, it’s how I feel about my journey towards the dream. If the journey and each step on this journey is about love, acceptance and worthiness right now, this is the fuel that matters and will keep me well taken care of along the way, it’s not conditional upon arriving at the destination. If each step of my strategy for reaching my goal is fuelled with fear, doubt, or worry, these are also very powerful fuels. They’re not wrong but I’ve learned they usually cannot not be sustained for the long haul. In my experience they result in burn out and have a knack of leading me down a path that is not intended for my full potential.

So would if we could treat our journey towards making our body our home one of self-care, not self criticism? If you are looking to make your body your home and want to be driven by good feelings along your journey, rather than have it be a game of endurance and a test of how much suffering you can handle… You can absolutely do this! I’m not saying it’s easy. Doubts and fears and real pain will no doubt pop up along the ride but when we lead with love and compassion, it’s so much more life affirming and there’s no need for suffering. If you have battled with food cravings and emotional eating, there is a way to find peace and make space for more living. The actions to get there may not be what you expected by I assure you, you can do this. You are worthy of feeling good right now, accessing dreamy feelings right now and these good feelings can fuel each step along your path. You have permission to feel good right now. You also don’t have to go it alone if you think support is what you want or need. Find someone to help you keep each step fuelled with love and compassion if you want it. And if you’re looking for a mentor that will help guide you on this path and be there when the harsh voices pop up and have you wanting to double back, I have just a small handful of spots opening up very soon. I’d love to support you and be there while you learn how to use your super power of body attunement as you journey towards food peace and freedom. Send me a message and I will reach out for a chat so we get crystal clear about your dream vision, where you are right now and how to bridge the gap.

Rooting for you,

Alida <3

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Catch the video I made on self compassion right here

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