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  • Alida Finnie MSc, RD

Pursuit of Health and No Diet Day

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

No Diet Day

How much preparation, time, energy,  and mental space has eating well and exercising taken? AND… what impact have you noticed? Do you stand in front of the sink, sneaking morsels (or think about sneaking morsels) from that cake that needs a little trim before you tuck it away in the fridge?

Could your pursuit of health and ‘being good’ be what’s holding you back from actualizing into your highest self? If you’re pleased with your pursuit of eating well and exercising, keep doing what you’re doing. Own it! But if you’ve noticed what you’re thinking and doing with eating have you believing you’re never good enough and you’re untrustworthy around food…Or when you really check in with your heart you notice more time has been stripped away from you thinking about and planning food than you’d like admit… I FEEL YOU. You are not alone. And I invite you to entertain a new mode a vivre.

Tomorrow is No Diet Day. You may ask, if I’m not dieting or thinking about dieting (or ‘healthy eating plans’), then what? Utter chaos? Disaster? Recklessness? Or just maybe there’s a better way…? Can you imagine nourishing your body with ease? Can you imagine trusting yourself around all foods without worry? Can you imagine enjoying the most delectable dishes without having to rationalize them, feel guilty or ‘pay your dues’ later on? Can you imagine trusting yourself around food when your stress is through the roof or emotions are either peaking or plummeting?

Intuitive eating isn’t a magical happy pill but it is about connection, alignment and having a trusting relationship between body and mind. In broader strokes, it’s about making choices that are more aligned with your desires, less so on your desirability. If this gives you a kick of excitement, I’d love to explore this with you and get to know what you dream about on the other side.  Let me know when you’d like to chat more. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate International No Diet Day with you than to help you clear the diet clutter so you have space to pursue your dreams.

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