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You're Invited

Hi Y’all! I’m currently on a big undertaking to find out how you really feel about eating, food and your body.

You’re super intelligent, kind and you have a brilliant life but you may be struggling with one thing – finding an eating plan that keeps your mind AND body happy at the same time. I would be honoured if you would be willing to share your Food & Body Story with me.

What do you love about eating and your body? What do you hate? Are they maybe even the same thing? What about eating excites you and what frustrates you? Do you dream about food and eating or does it feel more like a nightmare (or maybe you flip flop!)? I want to give you a space to really explore your relationship with food. No unsolicited advice, no sales pitch, just a compassionate ear to borrow for 20-30 minutes so you can voice your biggest dreams, worst fears and everything in between about food, eating and your body.

I will be getting down to the grind after the FREE Food & Body Story Challenge. Stay tuned for free tools I will create to help you solve your biggest challenges with eating.

Join me for the FREE 99 Food & Body Story Challenge: In the scheduler, just scroll down, click the green button and pick a time that works for you!


Everything you share will be held in strict confidence. Any insights I gain from our chats will never be used to identify you, simply to help me understand what questions I can help answer in my mission to empower folks to make their biggest, most transformative work with eating yet.

#NonDietApproach #HealthoverDiets #WeightNeutral #IntuitiveEating

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