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My One-Eighty.

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

I was ready to quit being a dietitian because I couldn't spend another minute focusing on WHAT to eat without looking at WHY we eat. I needed to know why we get stuck, why we can't seem to stick with the best laid healthy eating plan. I knew there must be some answers why the best factual nutrition knowledge including behaviour change strategies rarely resulted in us living healthy lifestyles. Then I started learning about Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating. Understanding and embracing these concepts shed light on what I was missing not only in my own life but what I kept missing over and over in my clients lives as well. Finally a plan that revolved around complete well-being - not just physical, but emotional health as well. Eating is undoubtedly so much more than nutrients. It’s definitely about keeping us alive at the most basic level but it’s also about pleasure, satisfaction and social connection. When we can identify the many roles food plays in our lives, not just as fuel, we are better equipped to reap its benefits and be protected from using it in ways that may be harmful to us. The beauty of this model is that each one of us is our own eating expert. Our bodies are amazing guides at telling us what we need, we often just need to re-learn how to listen. I am a Registered Dietitian who believes you’re the eating expert even if you aren’t feeling this way yet. After all, you’ve done it your whole life and you are the only one that owns your experiences, they are completely unique to you! My gig is helping creative, kind hearted folks like you who struggle with weight concern unfold liberation through Intuitive Eating. In my bespoke program AWAKE, I walk beside you step by step so you can eat confidently for well-being, without food rules. It may not be what you expect coming to see a dietitian but I talk less about nutrients and more about how to make eating feel good for your body, your mind and your soul. I want you to feel free from food and body pre-occupation so you can focus on living the life you've been waiting for.

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