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 “All people deserve the dignity of their own paths”

– Judith Orloff

And… It can be rather tricky though to know your path. What is your unique path? In what ways have you been influenced to follow one path over another because one is more accepted by our systems and cultures AND does it align with your personal path and values? These are not easy answers to find but perhaps the most important part to know is that you can always adjust your sails once you’re in motion.


Throughout this free email series, I’ll be supporting an exploration of three different approaches you can choose for how you nourish yourself.

  1. Weight-Centred (traditional weight loss)

  2. Wellness-Centred (non-diet / intuitive eating)

  3. Status Quo (no change)




This week, I invite you to get curious on the unsolicited external influences/influencers that encourage you to eat and look a certain way. These may include advertisements, social media, comments from others, health evaluations and so on.


NOTE: If you’ve intentionally curated a life to help minimize external influences on your food and body - then please continue doing what supports your well-being.


I’d love to hear about your experience. What did you notice?


Until next time,

May you be well.




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