You have a big heart and you've achieved much in life yet you feel plagued by on-off cycles of nutrition sabotage.

It's time for liberation. You can you feel it in your bones.

AWAKE is for you if:

  • You've felt in control of your eating in the past but wonder why you can't seem to 'stay on the wagon'. Or perhaps you've spent countless hours planning for real change but alas, it's never come into fruition.


  • You've noticed you have to brace yourself when you think about counting points or macros again. Yet, you genuinely care about eating well.


  • You've wondered if food rules or 'watching what you eat' are really the solutions to your goals. At the same time not having this structure feels too wild and chaotic.

  • You dream of a life without food, eating and body worry.

You are not alone. I was right there with you for two decades. Since I uncovered how to help myself, I've found so much meaning helping other big-hearted humans just like you find their way to food freedom using powerful Intuitive Eating strategies.