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Goodbye Nutrition Sabotage
Reclaim confidence with intuitive eating!
You have landed in the right place if


  • Waving goodbye to nutrition sabotage, for good.

  • Eating for well-being with ease and confidence.

  • Pleasure guiding your eating, without guilt!​

  • Re-igniting your mojo!


  • Yummy food calls you by name.

  • You're tired of finding rotten vegetables in your fridge... Uneaten... Again.

  • Your biggest comfort and confidant? Food. Ironically, also your nemesis.


  • Mojo who? After years of daily food stress (that may even feel like every waking moment), you've almost forgotten about your unique spark.

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Meet Alida

Are you exhausted trying to get this eating thing right with only fleeting moments of success? Why is it you can achieve such amazing results in other areas of life but can't seem to apply your genius here? I hope you realize you've not failed, your eating plan has failed you! I'd love to support you to eat confidently and be well nourished without food rules or dieting. Let's chat!

Alida Finnie MSc RD

Registered Dietitan, Nutrition Therapist

Owner of Right Step Nutrition

You were born worthy

You're ambitious and you work hard for your achievements. Eating well should be a breeze... right? Despite years of planning and effort to make eating work for you, you've noticed it's harder than ever.

Know that I hear you when you tell me you're sick and tired of bouncing between food guilt and deprivation. AND... I'm so happy to share you don't need to feel this way anymore. I'd be honoured to help you find ease and reclaim confidence using Intuitive Eating.


You have big dreams waiting for you on the other side.


And I said to my body softly,

"I want to be your friend."

It took a long breath and replied,

"I have been waiting a long time for this."

- Nayyirah Waheed

AWAKE is your Mentorship Program to eat confidently for wellness without food rules, dieting or weigh scales. Using experiential techniques customized just for you, Alida will be your guide, grounding you with powerful Intuitive Eating trainings to keep your body and mind happy at the same time.

Work with me
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FBS Challenge

"Trust your instincts to go towards joy.

Also trust your instincts to stay away from people who tell you your instincts are wrong."

- Brian Andreas
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